Relationship Sales Training

Single or Multi Day Training to Meet the Budget and Time Demands of the Client

Tom has integrated and applied the principles in Communications, Sales and Life to replace the deficiencies and abuses of the traditional  sales model used in face to face sales with a sales model that elevates the salesperson to the highest degree of professionalism and trust. 

"Customers are influenced only by those with whom they trust and have a relationship." Tom Goetschius

Today’s sales process, therefore, cannot be manipulative, self-serving or based on a lot of gimmicks and sales tricks.  The result is higher closing averages and a referral base of happy committed customers.


"The nine month results following your visit were historical best VPG and net closing ratios improved dramatically following your “Principle and Skills” training."
Chris Kroos , Senior Vice President, Smugglers’ Notch Resort

The Traditional Sales Model

Salesperson Centered


  • Contrived programmed methodology

  • Inherently manipulative and self serving

  • Probing for excuse to make a predetermined & one sided presentation

  • Emphasis on “the right” predetermined presentation that makes them buy

  • Confrontational hard closing techniques , drops and gimmicks

Warm-up-Probe- Presentation-Overcome Objections- Close

The Relationship Sales Model

Customer Centered, Non-manipulative, 

Non self-serving based on proven principles

  • RELATE….Focus On The Customer, connecting with guest and developing a relationship. The most important part of the sales process

  • DISCOVER….Focus On The Customer & Earn The Right To Continue….”Seek First To Understand, Then To Make Yourself Understood. The top priority. Meaningful “High Gain” questions

  • ADVOCATE…. “Influence Through Customer Involvement”. Customized /Specific/Effective. Customer readily accepts recommendation


  • Enhance and preserve the relationship


Relationship Sales Training Increases Trust to Outperform Traditional Methods

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